View Full Version : Morphed leaves due to Lighting?

07-14-2006, 01:31 AM
I am in a temporary situation and wanted to start growing anyway to get a little head start for one thing. I get great window light so I have my plants by the window during the day and then I put then in the closet close to 2 large fluorescent tubes. I'm noticing morphed leaves on all of my plants now. The have a weird shortened lobe with an edge that looks like somthing bit it! Then also there are 3 lobes rather than 5.

I have mistepped a couple times a little bit with nutrients but have been pretty on target I would say.

My suspicion is that this due to lighting and plants feel wacked out. Maybe I am turning them too much also too randomly? Are the plants likely to due fine once I move them in a couple weeks? Thank you much.