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03-28-2009, 10:57 PM
hey all
i just brought a 600w light kit ( im growing tomatos in soil) and was after any other ideas from you guys on what are the other essential!!! equipment are and what they are used for.

i have read guides and all but just like a 3rd or 4th opinion

i have been told ALOT of stuff word of mouth (but all useless info)

anyone willing to give me a hand that'll be great

04-02-2009, 10:18 AM
There are many people on this forum that are extremely knowledgeable, and everyone is better at certain aspects then other people. so maybe if you could provide a bit more detail on what you would like explained to you the proper people can pick out the topics they know best and dive right in. it's tough to get "useless" information from here because as soon as someone says something thats totally wrong, theres 3 people jumping in the thread making corrections. Like i said there are a lot of smart people on here that know almost too much about what to do, they just need to get a topic to get started on.

09-02-2009, 08:44 PM
your doing this in your house im guessing?.

if so you'll need air movement. is it in a closet or in a room?

closets are tricky for air movement. not going to type a lot of info for it until you tell me what exactly your space your working in. dirt is pretty basic not to much supply's need to be purchased.

so air movement(osc fans, possibly squirrel cage fans or vortex or can-fans)

nutrients!!!! theres lot of different kinds (chemical, or organic) brand is your choice. preferably try one brand then after a couple of grows go with a different brand to test it out and see if theres any big differences.

ph meter (for your water and possibly dirt if you want)
moister meter (i suggest you get this)
TDS meter (this is optional, you have dirt so its really not that necessary, but if you want then yah spend the extra $$$ for it)

really i only use it in my hydro setup to take logs for the weeks.

for light:

if its just tomatoes then 18hrs of light is good
**if you want to know the distance of the light from your plants put your hand underneath it near the plants, if its to hot for you possibly its to hot for the plants and move it higher.

im more of a hydro guy so i couldnt tell you exactly when or how much water to give your soil plants, someone else can chyme in on that topic.


anyways im done :P, hopefully your not just another user who posts and never comes back.