View Full Version : hydroponic tomato-plenty of flowers no fruit

04-12-2009, 07:33 PM
Hi, this is my son's second foray into hydroponics- he grew lettuce- a bit slow and the slugs found them- not entirely successful. He now has one tomato plant in perlite, using a standard single hydroponic formula (Dutch Master). It's growing against his bedroom window, strung up to the gutters to allow it to grow tall. It doesn't get a full day of sunlight as the 5 foot fence is 1.5m away, the tomato faces East. It looks a healthy plant and has plenty of flowers, but they eventually brown off without setting any fruit. I feel it needs more light (trying to convince my son to use mirrors!) and I'm thinking about bringing flowering potplants nearby- I haven't seen insects on the tomato, even though there are plenty in the veggie garden nearby. I'm wondering about the NPK ratio- does it need to change for fruiting? He has a cucumber vine growing and fruiting in a separate outfit but same place and system.
Thanks for reading this, hope someone can help

04-28-2009, 06:47 PM
if the flowers are browning off without being pollinated then they wont produce any fruit. Try taking a paintbrush and brushing across the top of the flower to self pollinate the plant. If nothing happens after that it could very well be a light problem, but most plants will still try to fruit even without sufficient conditions.

Many people change their nutrients when transitioning from growth to flowering, but I'm not sure what the new ratio is. There are many pre-made fertilizers out their specifically formulated for fruit growth, those may give you a better idea.