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  1. Aspects that UFO led grow lights are differ from others

    With technology developed and there are amounts of led grow lights have sprung up in the past few years,and what has brought up to the growers is that how to decide and the comparison of different ...
  2. Size of the garden and installation of led grow lights

    If you’ve already carried out indoor gardening, you would already know the concept of space. If not, simply measure out the length and breadth of your indoor growing area (for choosing the growing...
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    led grow lights review

    Interestingly, the early adoption of LED grow light was not due to the one factor vital to commercial farming – returns on investment. As we noted, the earliest lights were many...
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    what is a Proper aquarium light?

    In the last 20 years of fish keeping, nothing has rivaled the explosive growth and popularity of the "reef"; nor has anything stirred up so much discussion. While many people...
  5. How far to the reducing of cost of LED lighting go down

    The study suggests that “just as precision irrigation can improve water efficiency, precision lighting can improve electrical efficiency,” meaning that different arrangements in a grow room or...
  6. New Drug Campaign in Colorado Educates Instead of Demonizing *********

    Unliking demonizing *********, like so many anti-drug campaigns have done in the past, Colorado is taking an open-minded approach to educating residents and tourists alike, on how to use *********...
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    My first indoor growing photos

    Here i would like to share some photos of my recent plants.4*4 TENTS,spider cob led lights,
    Soil or hydro: organic soil
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