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Thread: Do I need both MH and HPS bulbs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebb&Flower View Post
    You can get a enhanced/conversion bulb for either. They work great
    + 1, its a great idea, gives you equal amounts of both spectrum's of blue and red, or atleast to my knowledge.

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    Default LED high bay

    If I were you I will go with LED High Bay Lights. It could say lots of energy. I'm selling high bays from China. I have high bay up to 200W.

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    Default incandescent bulb

    can you add an incandescent bulb either red or blue to add the lacking color.

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    Default What about Flourescents.


    Can a person consider all t5 ho 4 bulb 4ft flourescent lighting with a bulb of 6500k vs. MH. What would i notice if i added a 250w mh to the mix?

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