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Thread: Switching from rockwool to clay pieces

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    Default Switching from rockwool to clay pieces

    I plan on starting my seeds in rockwool until they're ready to be transferred to larger pots. Is there a way to start plants purely in a larger medium? Basically, is there a way to germinate seeds in something other than rockwool such as clay or perlite?

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    Hi, Have you tried peat pellets? Little disc's of peat that you soak and let expand. Once fully expanded you set your seed in the top and keep moist till it roots in...THEN you can put it in Hydroton or whatever. (skip the perlite and vermiculite, too messy! Clogs everything eventually.)
    I like a mix of Hydroton & Coco Coir cubes but I root the cuttings well in a smaller grow medium first. The Expanded Clay/hydroton is a REALLY fast draining medium that will leave new roots a bit too dry unless you're watering all the time. Anyway hope that helps. Good Luck!

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