I have several Lumatek 1000W 240V electronic ballasts and I am planning to purchase an additional 400W ballast to run the following set up:

  • One Vertizontal reflector with a 1000W MH bulb for vegetative growth of 12 plants in a recirculating SWC tank
  • A second Vertizontal reflector with a 400W MH bulb for a 4x4 ebb&flow tray

I wanted to use the Hortilux Blue Metal Halide bulb but when I went to purchase it, the hydro guy asked if I had Lumatek e-ballasts and said he has had customers drive back to the store with blown Hortilux bulbs from running Lumatek ballasts. I left the store with the USHIO HiLux Gro Super MH / Conversion AMH-1000 Opti-Blue bulb on his recommendation.

Any comment on the Hortilux issue with Lumatek digital ballasts? I haven't yet purchased the 400W ballast or bulb so I am trying to decide whether to go with Lumatek and if I do, whether I need to use the USHIO bulb. I am happy with the USHIO so far but it has just been a few weeks.