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Thread: Lumatek 1000W digital ballast with MH bulb

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    Default Lumatek 1000W digital ballast with MH bulb

    I have several Lumatek 1000W 240V electronic ballasts and I am planning to purchase an additional 400W ballast to run the following set up:

    • One Vertizontal reflector with a 1000W MH bulb for vegetative growth of 12 plants in a recirculating SWC tank
    • A second Vertizontal reflector with a 400W MH bulb for a 4x4 ebb&flow tray

    I wanted to use the Hortilux Blue Metal Halide bulb but when I went to purchase it, the hydro guy asked if I had Lumatek e-ballasts and said he has had customers drive back to the store with blown Hortilux bulbs from running Lumatek ballasts. I left the store with the USHIO HiLux Gro Super MH / Conversion AMH-1000 Opti-Blue bulb on his recommendation.

    Any comment on the Hortilux issue with Lumatek digital ballasts? I haven't yet purchased the 400W ballast or bulb so I am trying to decide whether to go with Lumatek and if I do, whether I need to use the USHIO bulb. I am happy with the USHIO so far but it has just been a few weeks.

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    There is currently an issue with Hortilux Blue (HB) lamps running on Lumatek ballasts. The issue isn't with the ballast, it's with the lamp. Previously, we sold many HB's with Lumateks and did not have any problems. After speaking with Lumatek directly, we believe this is an issue with one or more production runs. For this reason, the HB lamp may once again work just fine with the Lumatek in a future production run.

    Here is a link to the Ushio lamp:

    Despite the fact that it is a conversion lamp, this Ushio lamp is actually a great choice when paired with a Lumatek ballast. It has virtually the same spectral output as the HB, with a higher lumen output, at a significantly lower price. You can't get much better than that. Whoever recommended the Ushio definitely gave you good advice.

    The HB issue has only surfaced on the 1000W versions, so you should be fine using a 400W Lumatek with a 400W Hortilux Blue lamp.
    David G.
    BGH Forum Moderator

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    Just want to say thanks to BGH for the awesome customer service. I ended up buying the Sunmaster bulb from you guys before reading your response to my question, and you exchanged it the next day for the Hortilux Blue MH 400 W lamp as soon as I realized my mistake. Since the only problems between Hortilux and Lumatek were with the 1000 watters I wanted to go with the Hortilux Blue for my 400 W bulb.

    I've got the new Lumatek 120/240V switchable ballast running with the 400W Hortilux Blue. Looks good so far and I'll let you guys know if I have any other questions. Thanks again for all the great service.

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    Default Lumatek 600-400 with HB bulb.

    Did a test run Lumatek 400/600 for two seasons. Have used only Hortilux bulbs.
    No Issues with ballast or bulbs.
    Planning to test the Lumatek 600/1000 for the next two seasons.
    Thanks for the Ushio info.

    Bghydro is the best on the west in my opinion.
    By posting the info on benefical bacteria I just read you are creating a loyal customer.
    Thank you for your service.

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    Lovely sharp post. Never thought that it was this easy. Extolment to you!

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