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Thread: which reflector?

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    Default which reflector?

    Im wanting to use 6 600watt lights over 3 3x6 ebb and flow trays. Which reflector would be best? I was leaning towards the super sun 2... Whats the advantage of going with a bigger air cooled reflector like the yield master 2.

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    Default Which hood?

    For your application I like the Super Sun 2, it's a hood that is really made for an intense light pattern. and since you are not trying to over do the grow area, makes it a good fit. The larger hoods are designed to throw a wider and longer pattern but less intense. It works well if you have lots of air cooling, so you can lower the reflector to increase the lights output. Good luck and thanks for looking into our lights.

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    I advice you that you should go for super sun 2 reflector has great light with improved design.It comes compete with a socket and lamp cord and built in 6 inch air-cooling flanges. The Super Sun 2 Reflector can be used with CO2 and still be air cooled!

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