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Thread: Fastest Growing Edible Plant (Hydroponics)?

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    Default Fastest Growing Edible Plant (Hydroponics)?

    Hi there all!

    I have a bit of an odd request/question.

    I need a very quick growing, edible and possibly nutrient rich plant that grows well in hydroponic systems. I was wondering if someone on this list might have an inkling as to which plant or groups of plants would be worth further research. My research thus far seems to suggest that radishes are the fastest growing common garden vegetable, and kudzu seems to be a very fast growing edible green. Cattail (Typha latifolia) has also come up as an option.

    I had assumed something in the soy-bean family, or some kind of wheat grass, potentially?

    As a somewhat extreme example - is there a plant out there that, under the right circumstances, would grow enough plant material, daily, to support a person's daily nutritional needs for a day?

    Any help at all you could lend would be much appreciated - thanks so much for humoring this odd question!


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    Lettuces and Radishes are among the fastest-growing vegetable crops. Not surprisingly, these are both rather lean in the nutrition department.

    To properly feed yourself, you'll need to grow a small variety of food crops and also stagger your production so that you're transplanting new seedlings as you are harvesting and eating mature plants.

    Tomatoes and peppers are highly nutritious and important food crops, and they both take quite a long time to grow. With experience and care, you can get generous yields of both, though, and if you have enough plants in various stages of growth you can continuously harvest food.

    As far as I know, there's no one plant that grows quickly, is highly nutritious, and that provides enough food daily for meals. Such a thing would surely address world hunger, don't you think?

    If you're just interested in seeing results in a hurry, certain varieties of lettuce (such as tom thumb) and certain radishes (champion) can be grown from seed in around 22 days hydroponically.


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    Rocket grows pretty quick.

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