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Thread: Spider Mite Help

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    Default mites?

    what do spider mites actually do to the plant?

    lovin it

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    Suck it to death.

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    Cool Floramite

    Use Floramite, Period.

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    No Pest Stirps or Vapona strips depending if you are in US or Canada. Knocked my SM problem dead in about 3 days. You can get them at any hardware store.

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    Cool spider mites

    use a product called is sold at grow stores,it is a wetting agent that also wipes out spider mites.use as directed on works great and plants love it

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    There's a product call Pyrethrin TR it contains the highest amount of pyrethrin I've seen so far. It comes in a small fogger can. These small cans are $25 bucks a pop! Well worth it I think.

    Turn off all your fans, exhaust, etc... let the can loose and leave the house for a few hours. Put away any food thats laying around in the open. Dont forget your pets.

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    i just dumped like 500 ladybugs in my 4x4x6 growbox they seem to be eating all the bugs i had seen in there

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    Lady bugs are for flowers in your outdoor garden, or for a small basil plant in your kitchen. Neem oil as a preventative measure, followed by Don't bug me at first sight and the inevitable Flora mite...or you could save a little money and use the floramite first as this is the only REAL way to kill all stages.

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    Exclamation Spider Mite solution in Larger Grows...

    The ONLY way I have found to control the SM critters in a larger grow area is Azatrol sprayed via atomizer. Expensive, yes. But it really is the only way. In smaller areas I have used Azatrol (.5 oz to 2 ozs per Gal.) in a 1 Gal. pump sprayer. Safe on all edibles/flowers. PEACE

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    You can find Azatrol here:

    There's an even better product, but it is even more expensive:

    I guess if you factor in the cost of the atomizer then it's probably around the same price. Also, a quart bottle is probably a lifetime supply for most growers, so if you can find a couple or a few fellow growers who will go in on a bottle with you, you will definitely be very happy with the results.
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