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Thread: bug free living

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    Some people are allergic to sulfur some not. I wouldn't breath in any vapor from sulfur burners, foggers or any sprays! Even if they are organic! The Do Not Enter period will be the period while there is still vapor in the air. Run the burner for 3-4 hours then exhaust the room. It will then be safe to enter. If you are forced to use a sulfur burner close to harvest then a rinse with plain water will be needed to wash the sulfur dust off your plants (this is one of the only times I would suggest spraying your flowers with plain water). Any sulfur residue will have an impact on taste.
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    the ProZap Insect Guard strips that bghydro sells will kill everything that flys, creeps or crawls around your grow area, they are cheap and leave no residue that i have efer detected. you can also get them at other stores under a different name.

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    Real Purity has a wonderful safe insect repellent that we have used for years. It's a combination of essential oils and will repel ticks, fleas, skeeters, etc. We use is safely on our dogs, kids and us. I think they offer samples to try so you can test it too, which is useful to avoid bugs.
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    how safe these are could you please tell me ??
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    Natural pest controllers are usually the better way to go.
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