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    Is a 3x3 area too small for a magnum xxxl and a 600w hps? If so, which ss reflector would be optimal for this size of an area.

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    3x3 for the Magnum really depends on a couple things. The Magnum was designed to throw the longest and widest uniform pattern of any air-cooled hood in the market. If you want more uniform light on the outside plants then it's fine. Since you have such a wide throw you can drop the hood closer to your plants, which increases the overall output of light. Also it may be a good idea to pick this hood if you ever decide to upgrade to a 1000 HPS. Another nice option is the Super Sun 2. More light comes out of the SS 2 but the area it covers decreases, but once you raise it the coverage area increases. Basically, the answer to your ? no the 3x3 isn't too small of an area for the Magnums. The increase in yield due to the uniformity of light in the area will make this a worth while hood for any application.
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