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    Exclamation Skyrocketing PH

    I can't sort out why my PH jumps to nearly 9 overnight! Using RO water, no algae, 5 gal. buckets in HT stones. I am new to this area, could it be hard or soft water? Would Calcium or Mag supps help? I'm at the end of my rope with this. I've nuked everything with hydrogen peroxide to kill any bacteria, I just can't sort it. My PPM meter is broken, so I'm not sure about my PPM. Any thoughts?

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    Default Skyrocketing pH

    What are you growing? You're using RO water: does it's pH value change if left standing in a clean bucket? It'd be odd if it did, but you have to check everything. If it holds steady, the problem may well be waste products from what you're growing (you didn't specify). Also, have you changed anything in your setup recently? Is there any exposed metal like brass fittings in your reservoir, supply pipes, emitters, etc? Is your reservoir tightly covered? It should be open or otherwise well ventilated to allow off-gassing.



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    If your using co2 that could cause a drift, but all the way up to 9, not sure about that.

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    are you using any kind of Silicate additive (Pro-Tek, Silica Blast, Rhino Skin, etc.)? Silicates will normally cause your pH to climb drastically over a day.

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