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Thread: Lumatek 600w and Warrenty Service

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    Default Lumatek 600w and Warrenty Service

    6oo watt lumatek ballast is garbage. Does not or has difficulty firing several brands of bulbs and has a short life span. Had to have ballast replaced twice because of complete failure, and now have been waiting well over a month for lumatek to send me the current replacement. They lied and said they would send it out and then send me the tracking number 4 weeks ago. Again a week ago they said they would ship it out immedietly and send me the tracking number. Again just a lie! They have not tried to contact me once. In fact, they have not answered thier phone or replied to any of my emails during the course of the entire month. I ended up sending a fax to corparate which was answered with another failed promise of delivery and an non-emailed confirmation number. Not only is the product a piece of junk but thier customer service is absolutely horrible.

    I really like BGH and have always had great dealings with them. I wish though that they would make the switch to one of the much better electronic ballasts on the market. The technology that lumatek once seemed to have the better of is now had by all and the customer service of the others is far superior. I recommend Galaxy as a better quality replacement over lumatek. I have noticed that most of if not all of the retail garden stores that I visit had stopped carrying Lumatek quite a while ago and when asked they said there were just too many problems to deal with. Also the price of the 600w from lumatek has dropped dramaticly from close to $300 bucks a few years ago to $190.00 and down. Ya think it might be because it is an inferior product?!!

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    Same experience with the lumatek 600. Wouldn't get another, didn't even bother with warranty return, didn't want another one.

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    Had a 600w Lumatek croak. Contacted them. Had another one in 7 days. Even got the upgraded model with the adjustable wattage. Used a 250w Lumatek in the wait time. I switched to Ushio hps from Hortilux, I'll see how it works out...They took care of it reasonably quick, and were on top of it, with 2 callbacks and tracking number. I was treated pretty good on the RMA, they were pretty cool.

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    My Lumatek is dead too. Who did you contact about warranty information?

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    I switched to Lumatek after having nightmare problems with my Quantum ballasts. I have 12 Lumatek ballasts that I have been running now for over a year and they all work perfectly.

    I don't know what these other people are talking about. I had a couple of Galaxy ballasts before and they didn't work with the lamps I was using at the time, which is one of the reasons I started to switch to Quantum. After having problems with those, I switched to Lumatek. I had one ballast that I thought was defective. It turned out that it wasn't (it was a bad lamp), yet Lumatek replaced it anyway, and they processed my claim very quickly. Also, I have used Hortilux, Lumatek, Sunmaster Cool Deluxe and SolarMax over the last year in my Lumatek ballasts and never had an issue. I don't know which brand of lamp the other guys were using but it was probably an off-brand lamp or something that most experienced growers wouldn't use in the first place.

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    Default 6 Pack - How Do You Get It

    Oh yes, I will start working on that immediately

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