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    My space is 6'x6'x6' CGE. I need a filter and fan combo for odor control only. I'm really concerned with noise. Looking at the Can Fan site, I'm thinking a Canfilter 50 with a 6"HO fan? Could I use a 8"reg. out put with a speed controller to dial it down, and quiet it down and still have GOOD odor control? Please advise with your opinion.
    Thank You!

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    I'd go with the Can Filter 50 with the Can Fan 8" HO. Especially if you're using the speedster. You want all 216 cubic feet being scrubbed once every minute. At maximum output, the Can Fan 8" HO will scrub 478 CFM. So if you're planning on reducing the speed to let's say- half, then you're still scrubbing 239 CFM every minute, and reducing noise at the same time
    Now if you'd like to save some money (and space), and not worry about the noise, then I would also recommend the Can Filter 33 coupled with the Can Fan 6" HO. At maximum output, the fan will scrub 232 CFM.
    (Note: Even at maximum output the 4", 6", and 8" Can Fans don't produce alot of sound!)
    Hope this helps!

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