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Thread: spots and drying of leaves

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    Default spots and drying of leaves

    I have a broccoli plant growing in a tank of nutrients and water. I am using General hydroponics nutrients and a LED 15 watt grow light. I have been growing it for about 168 days with no florets forming. Recently the leaves will develop round lesions where the edge will yellow but the rest of the lesion will remain green but dried out. This starts on the older leaves at the tip then moves up until the whole leaf is dried out. I did have mold growing on the medium up until two days ago when I changed the medium. Please if somebody can tell me what is going on I would love it. If more information is needed I will do my best to provide it. Thank you.

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    first of all LED's are great for vegetation. I've used them before and they give great internodal spacing between flower sites. However, after that I've realized that most flowering plants dont get adequate penetration from LED lights. That may be one cause. Next, what is your PH and PPMs? that would give me more information to work with...

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    Talking leaf problems

    It could be spider mites, they are very tiny but I had them ( not me personally ) and they left the leaves very dry.

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    Foliage spraying also is a great way to feed hydroponics plants.But you have to take care about it.Done correctly, this will reduce your drying by about a day and will not in any way effect your plants.

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