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Thread: Shipping outragous on Cocogro coir

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    Default Shipping outragous on Cocogro coir

    I live in Michigan and have been searching everywhere for the CocoGro Coir bags 1.5CF bags.. No where to be found they just sell this cheap crap block stuff.. I can buy them from your store for 15.95 and then pay 30.00 for shipping. Is there anyway if I bought in bulk or if you have a supplier closer to me I could get lower SHIPPING COST? It's just I don't think shipping is worth 300 percent of the price..
    Thanks for any responses

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    Send your total order along with your zip code and I will have our warehouse manager develop a shipping quote for you. It might be cheaper to buy in volume and have them shipped on a pallet. Rather than a smaller number through Fedex/UPS.

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