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Thread: Newbie question on seed starting

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    Default Newbie question on seed starting

    I am going to start tomatoes from seed using Rapid Rooters in a humidity dome, then I'll transfer them to an ebb/flow system. Here are my questions:

    - Should I use florescent lights from day one? If not, at what point should I start using them? (I will be doing this in a walk-out basement that gets some natural light.)
    - When I do start using florescent lighting, should it be on 24 hours/day, or 18 on/6 off or some other schedule?
    - Once I transfer to the ebb/flow system, what lighting cycle should I use?
    - Should I supply some mist a couple times a day to the humidity chamber or actually soak the Rapid Rooters?


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    use florescent lights from day one timer on 18 on/6 is good way to go ... ebb/flow system timer 18 on 6 off .win thay get to be 1foot its time to flower them turn your timer to 12 on 12 off and your tomatoes will soon flower .good luck

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    I totally agree with “bluedubbing”. My friend is also using fluorescent light for growing process of tomatoes.

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