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    Hi Guys,

    Been slowly getting my system ready and was going to use Rice Hulls as the growing medium because I can get an unlimited free supply here in the Philippines.

    Was fine tuning my system as a top feed flood using sprays and drain out the bottom but had lots of problems with the Rice Hulls getting into all the tubes, Sprays, filters and pumps.

    Then I found I can purchase Hydroton in Manila from an aquirium supply house and have now changed back to a basic flood and drain system. Have two 50 litre bags on the way. Testing so far is giving me satisfactory results however I've yet to try my system with the Hydroton and also any actual plants. Returned from Australia with some very healthy Strawberry plants.

    When cleaning my growing pots which are about 200mm deep I noticed the Rice Hulls were still quite wet about 20 to 25% from the bottom. This was after not being watered for over a week. Tells me that Rice Hulls in a grow pot that deep may not be a good growing medium and maybe could have given root rot problems. Had I not been aboe to obtain the Hydroton I would have tried Coconut fibre next, also available here cheap and easy.

    Cheers Leon...

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    have you had experience in growing in rice hulls before? I'd love to learn more

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    I would too

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