hey there people, im new to hydroponics and i though i have some seeds and why not try it. can somebody tell me if i have done this right to start off my seeds.
right i have my desk draw that is light tight and compact. i have fitted a heat mat in there and a mini progator.

1. firstly i have soaked my rockwool cubes in water for 20 minutes. then i squeezed most the access water off of them. baring in mind the cubes are still damp.
2. i poked a hole for my seed to go in about a half inch down.
3. next i put my seed in with tweezers and cover up the hole by pressing it together.
4. i have put the humidity done over my tray and have left it in my draw ontop of my heat mat.

Have i created a good enviroment for germination of my seeds? if i havent please can u tell me what to imrpve on.
How long should i leave my heat mat on each day?
Also how long till i should rougthly get my first shoots?
Should i keep sraying my rockwool cubes with water each day to keep the damp?
Thank you

PS. Once i get the first leaves i am going to transfere my plants to a dwc. Is this correct?