Hey! I'm new to cloning, never tried it before. I've read plenty on it so i have an idea what's going on.

Here is where i'm at:
I got the clones 2 days ago from a friend, when i got them they had already started showing a few roots. They are 6-8 inches tall. I put them in a domed tray lined with clay pellets. The tray doesn't have any run-off holes... I have a heating pad underneath with a few inches of room between the tray and the pad. The humidity is around 80% and the temp is around 75-80. I have a sunblaze 24wt flourescent about 6 inches above them.

Here are my questions:
I saw what looked like a little bit of black mold on the outside of a rockwool cube, on the plastic paper. Should i take the paper off? I've been reading that you should take the dome off and fan them at least twice a day for about 10 minutes to combat mold and fungus. Is this correct? Also, should the tray have run-off holes?

I've been using neem oil to help with the potential mold/fungus. Is there anything else I can use?

Should i be giving them any nutrients or are they too young? Suggestions? Is watering them enough, or should I be using some nutrients?

A few of the leaf tips are curling up... is this because of too much heat? Should the light be farther away? Maybe 12 inches or so?

Thanks for the help!