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Thread: Possible Hydroponic Supply store in planning ( NH )

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    Lightbulb Possible Hydroponic Supply store in planning ( NH )

    I am in the planning stages of opening an indoor gardening supply store in central/eastern New Hampshire and am wondering if there is a market locally. If you would be interested in this or if you would find it useful to have a hydroponics supply center in this area please reply with feedback!

    I am a young passionate horticulturist who is currently working in greenhouse and nursery maintenance. I am looking to open a indoor gardening supply shop in new hampshire so i can create a large indoor growing community there. I am eventually looking to have a full culinary growing operation going in the back of the shop to supply local markets and restaurants with fresh veggies, herbs, and possible fruits. Grown indoors, 100% organically and sustainably, all year round!

    Looking to carry the following:

    -Lighting and Lighting Supplies ( cooling items/ballasts/reflectors/bulbs, etc.)
    -Gardening soils and Mixtures/ Other Growing Mediums ( coco/clay pellets/rock wool, etc.)
    -A variety of high quality nutrients including organics
    -Hydroponic Kits/ Items
    -Climate Control Products
    -Gardening Tools and supplies
    -WHAT YOU WANT! : ) please leave feedback on what you want in my store or what you haven't liked about shops you've gone to in the past. ( for positive assessment) all requests will be considered and greatly appreciated

    Thanks all,

    Your Fellow Horticulturalist

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    Brooke Cust. Service Guest

    Talking BGH is franchising all over the US!

    Dear Fellow Horticulturalist,

    BGH is trying to expand our retail stores all over the country, and we are looking for customers like you who are interested in owning their own BGH franchise store. Please email me at [email protected] for more information or call 877.640.4769 and ask for Brooke so I can explain more about it! We would love to go into business with you!


    Brooke E.
    Customer Service Rep.

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