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    I just am starting, and to start some seeds I just used paper towels and the seed start to germinate well.I have a small 12x12x1 plastic tray and a piece of styrofoam with 1/2 inch holes spaced out for the seed to sit in.I filled the hole up with a small amount of paper towel with a small piece hanging down into the water. then I just placed a seed on the top of the paper towel and then put a Small piece of paper towel to cover the seed. And it works good.In two days the seeds have germinated .seeds are lettuce and radishes .Nothing big yet.
    Have fun.

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    Damp paper towel wrapped around the seeds in an open plastic bag near natural light source works well. Be sure to keep the paper towel moist, otherwise the seedlings will dry up and not germinate. That's good you had success.

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