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Thread: why did my lady bugs die

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    Default why did my lady bugs die

    I let 4500 lady bugs loose on my garden. 15 minutes later they were all dead. I use lady bugs often for pest control and have never had this happen before. Does anyone know why the died so quickly?

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    I'm sorry about your ladybugs!

    A bunch of things could have been the matter. Had you perhaps sprayed insecticide before releasing the ladybugs? Insecticides can last quite a while in an ecosystem. Therefore, even if the spraying was done days ago, some toxins could still be present.

    Another thing to consider is where the lady bugs were acquired from. Do you usually acquire them in this way? Perhaps they weren't healthy enough to handle being released into a new environment.

    Ladybugs also enjoy some water in the ecosystem they are released in. Were they perhaps unable to get water? It helps to hydrate the environment they are released in with water mist.

    Bugs usually die that quickly when there are toxins or poisons in their environment. So what I would do is check the garden for any potential toxins. Perhaps you could think about what chemicals could have been released in or close to it and consider whether or not they could have harbored any chemicals that are lethal to lady bugs.

    I really hope this helps! And I hope you find a solution to your problem!

    Best wishes,


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    Smile Lady Bugs deaths

    Hi! I wish to share some research about the loss of communication between Lady Bug breeders and retailer. The certified breeder usually take good care of the ladybugs because they are the bread and butter of their business. The problem is communication with the retailer where most likely you purchase your ladybugs. Where I live and where the ladybugs are breed is a great distant many hours traveling in a large semi in the back of a hot semi box, the breader do not send food with the ladybugs except for diet food which many of the ladybugs hate and many do not eat. So, by the time they get to the retailer they are hungry, by the time you purchase them they are starving, they only have three day to live without food so that is why when you get your herd of ladybugs they make there last
    remaining energy to try to find food, if they do not find it right away they are dead. New blog about the Hx. of the
    Ladybug go to eblogger dot com and search using History of the Ladybug.

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