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Thread: pH and PPM rising

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    Default pH and PPM rising

    I have cleaned my GH Water farm for the 3rd time and I still and have problems keeping the pH and PPM down. Right now I am running plain water in it. I started it yesterday with a pH of 6.3 and a ppm of 93. Today it is running 7.3 and 240. I have no plants in it just water. I boiled everything and made sure it was clean.

    What can be causing this?

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    Default Same issue

    I have same issue. What are you using for media? I'm using 2/3 hydroton and 1/3 coir in a Dutch Bucket drip system, similar to a Water Farm, using GH nutrients. Let me know if you found anything.

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    I guess ppm and ph will swing in opposite directions. PPM dropping if the solution is not strong enough.A total average for the expedition of 299,6 ppm.

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    Did you add any nutrients to water before you took those readings?

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