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Thread: Cloning machine full of yellow slime

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    Unhappy Cloning machine full of yellow slime

    Clonex machine is full of yellow slime. Sprayer assembly is full of thick muck. got most of it out, refilled, and we're back to square one. Only 13 out of 52 clones rooted. Others still alive, but I've been cutting n cutting dying leaves. Slime on the stems. How do I get rid of this stuff??

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    Default nutrient

    sounds like too much nutrients=algae etc. Why do you need this machine. Root in perlite or similar.

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    sounds like too much nutrients=algae etc
    No that’s not correct. The slime is a bacteria and if your using enzymes to help rooting the slime will feed on them and reproduce extremely fast. You get rid of the slime by using PHYSAN 20 or DM ZONE. I suggest PHYSAN 20 as it is a broad range disinfectant, fungicide, virucide, and algaecide. DM ZONE is derived from Potassium Nitrate, Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium Hydroxide and Copper Sulfate. The Copper Sulfate is also a fungicide and algaecide, also Copper sulfate inhibits growth of bacteria such as Escherichia coli.
    Hope this helps

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    Default using an atom bomb to demolish a shed

    i will agree that the slime your expericneing is a pain in the behind, i have had it before, it is cold slime mold and comes out of the tap or well water you are using, it makes a mess and screws up production %'s.... however some really harsh chemicals where listed as the solution, in my line of work (commercial hydroponics and consultation) its always best to use the milder solution first.... you wouldnt use an atom bomb to demolish a shed you would use a sledgehammer or axe. The fix your looking for is food grade hydrogen peroxide..... Make sure its food grade.... the stuff in your first aide kit has clotting agents and other junk in it.... food grade is usally about 23-30% in concentration and can be quite powerful if handled improperly.... wear gloves and eye protecion... if you get it on your skin it will make that skin itch for about a month but thats all (i have never gotten it in my eye and would never want to either).... but other than this it realitively benign (its only biproducts are water and oxygen) ..... buy a small container as it doesnt last long after being opened .... also make sure the container is sealed well...... you can add this stuff as is directly to your sump/reservoir ...... if you cant find it check your local health food stores... happy gardening!!

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