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Thread: My 3 Botanicare Nutes.... how should I mix them??

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    Default My 3 Botanicare Nutes.... how should I mix them??

    Hey yall, I am brand new at this and was wondering what measurements I should use with these EXACT 3 Nutes. I have... Liquid Carma, Cal-Mag, & Pure Blend Pro Grow. My plants will be clones that I am getting from a friend of mine. P.S- my resivior is 5 gallons but Im only putting like 3 or 4 gallons of h2o. Please Help any info is appreciated!!!!!!

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    I'd recommend starting your plants with 25-50% of the dosage recommended on the back of PureBlendPro Grow and liquid Karma bottles and about 25% of the recommended dose of the cal-mag plus, slowly increasing your dose every week, while paying attention to your plants' response.

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    Default Hey people

    Hey everybody! Im new here, but Im glad to have found such a great forum. Thanks for sharing helpful information here.

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    Growth of hydroponic plants is based on the nutrients for the plants to grow and thrive. Hydroponics nutrient solution comes in three parts, which helps your plant to achieve optimum results. This 3 part hydroponic nutrients contain the Grow formulation, bloom formulation and micro formulation. Grow has nitrogen and potassium, which promotes healthier shoot and leaf growth. Bloom has high phosphorus content that is responsible for root development, budding, flowering and fruiting of plants. Micro contains all the trace elements essential to the overall health and vitality of plants in all stages. Advanced Nutrients supplies the best of hydroponics nutrients and gives you the free info of high yielding.
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    Thanks pates32 for reply. Its an informative reply regarding hydroponic nutrient solution and advanced nutrient is more beneficial product as compare to any other product.

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