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Thread: dayton 265cfm and elf carbon scrubber

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    Default dayton 265cfm and elf carbon scrubber

    You need to sell a Dayton adapter kit with the 2 items. Without it you end up with a square peg and a round hole. There is no way to hook the fan to the ducting attached to the scrubber.

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    Cool Sqirell cage fix

    Get 1 x 8 pine or some 3/4" plywood and build a 5 sided box , (1 bottom + 4 sides) . Open top is for motor to protrude into open air for cooling and wiring access ... Cut hole in bottom to align with intake on fan . Cut hole in one of the sides for exhaust and through bolt fan flange here . 4" straight aluminum dryer duct couplers are available at any hardware , under a buck , buy two , one intake-one exhaust . These are for coupling one hose to another , instead cut one half of the coupler at one inch intervals and spread these "ears" to form a flat mounting flange , leaving the other half coupler to mount the hose . Attach to box at intake and exhaust , use plumbers putty , also from hardware store cheap , as a gasket to seal any leaks . The wooden box also is great for attaching further hardware for hanging the unit .

    Wood , saw , drill , screwdriver , pliers , hardware , putty , flanges . <$10 in material and an hour of labor . What's the problem ?


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    Default Conical Is The Way And The Light.

    they dont leak carbon they dont way 150 lbs and they dont look like hydro supplies when you are bringing them home . they look like car parts.Real quick, why do they look like car parts? Because the tech for cars greatly surpasses a bunch of hippes in someones basement. Obviously someone with a degree in manufacturing got together with one of the car geeks and went over to their hippie friends basement and made a suggestion. What does that giant thing in the corner do. Filters air. Why is it so big. The air filter on a top fuel drag car isnt even that big and it has to be able to filter faster and more effiecently then that. well these are for oddor so thats why they are big.
    Now since the drag wieght and efficiency of the filters is not sufficent for a drag car why is it sufficent for recreating the outdoors indoors? Its not time to upgrade. pancake fans and conical filters. thats mclovin fo sho
    I grow em' all, and know em' all. Later ya'll

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