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Thread: TDS / PH Meter shipped with dry bulb

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    Default TDS / PH Meter shipped with dry bulb

    I'm starting my first aeroponic system. Today my Hanna pH/EC/TDS probe ( 98129) arrived today but the sponge inside and bulb were dry.

    I was told you should never let the bulbs in these dry out.

    Should I get a replacement on this meter with one that was stored correctly or is this normal and will soaking it in storage solution for a few hours do the trick?

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    Really a normal thing, soaking is the right idea, the TDS side can definitley dry out and be ok and the PH side should have what looks like a powdery or white dry coating on it. Soak it in water for at least an hour then rinse with fresh water make sure it is still calibrated correctly then fill the cap with storage solution. Some pens are shipped dry some are shipped wet with a liquid, that when dries protects the probe. If your meter fails to calibrate then i would consider returning it.


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