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    How does one care for a mother plant.

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    Mothers are cared for just like any other plant in the vegetative state. If you intend to continue taking clones from a particular mother there are things that you can do to keep it healthy and thriving and producing strong grow tips for cloning. I have mothers that are several years old by using these methods. The first step is to confine the plant is a small pot, I use 1 gal square nursery pots. Reduce light intensity to a minimum (not so much that they start to stretch). Keep nutrient levels low to slow growth until your ready to take clones then increase for about two weeks to build health grow tips and increase light. Trim most of the extraneous lower branches to force strong upper leads. Replant about every 6 months to a year by removing the plant from the pot and trimming the roots back by about an 1" on all sides and 2" on the bottom with a serrated knife, then fill in the gap with fresh soil for new roots to grow into, keeps the plant for getting root bound. Lastly, take one or two of your better clones and pot them up for use as new mothers, take the original and put it into flower. I have kept strains going for over 15 years this way and is the only way to keep that ONCE IN A LIFETIME PLANT.

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