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    So I have the aforementioned tds meter, have read through the provided literature and still am unclear as to which ppm conversion I should select when using the nutrient calculator from DM. It says in the manual that it was calibrated with NaCL 342 ppm.
    My options on the nutrient calculator i'm using are: cf, ec, ppm Hanna .5, ppm Hanna .65, ppm eutech .64, ppm truncheon .7

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    There is no way to directly calculate PPM from EC unless the solution contains a single analyte (like NaCl). The options are really just fudge factors for comparisons between different meters, where each manufacturer uses their own voodoo calculation to produce their "equivalency factors". It doesn't really matter which one you use, unless comparing it to another meter, as long as you are consistent and understand that it only produces an estimated conversion value.

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