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Thread: Getting a tomato plant to fruit more than once

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    Default Getting a tomato plant to fruit more than once

    I heard a story from a hydro supplier today, and he claims another customer has successfully re-bloomed the same tomato plant for three years now? What??? He said by switching the solution back to "grow" for 2 months after harvest, and then back to "bloom", the plant would produce fruit again. I think he said it was some indeterminate variety. Interesting! Anybody done this?

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    Indeterminate tomatoes can live a long time. I don't think you need to go back to a veg stage. They should continue to produce. They will need sufficient nitrogen however. I saw a program on TV about a commercial hydro grower in North Carolina (I believe) that continuously produces for 2 years on the same plants. They have each plant tied to a rope and they lower the rope a foot each week.

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