Some strawberrys do take a year to produce, I know because I grow them. I am growing alpine strawberries right now from seed, and they have the worst germination percentage of any strawberry...all mine made it but your not out of the red zone with them until 30 days. Alpines grow painfully slow in the beginning. Also ive had great luck with putting anything in the ground from Hydro so far. I just had to make soil airy with perlite or sand and carfully ph the water for the first week. Anyhow, to germinate just soak rockwool in a 5.5 ph solution with a drop of superthive and about 50 ppm bloom nutes (bloom nutes not really needed) give 24 hr darkness in humidity dome at around room temp or a little above and then have t5 lights as close to them as possible without burning. Do not transplant until several roots come out of bottom and the leaves look like you can tell that they are strawberries