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Thread: Indentify tomatoe disease

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    Question Indentify tomatoe disease

    Hi there! I would like some help identifying the disease on my tomatoe plants. The symptoms are browning leaves that eventually turn entirely brown and dry out. Once all the leaves on a branch have withered and turned brown the branches usually fall of on their own. The fruit on the plants remain unaffected although it seams they are abit slow on ripening. My own beginner opinion is that it it Early Blight but I leave it up to you more experienced growers to leave your opinions + what can I do to prevent it from spreading/heal the plants?


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    Default Similar issue on basil plant: brown lesions on leaves then wither

    I may be having a similar issue.

    I am growing basil in an indoor NFT system. I recently treated the plants using a product called Biota Max which is a pro-biotic containing various strains of Trichoderma and Bacillus. This is my first time using this product. It is intended to fight Pythium and other causes of root rot/blight.

    A couple weeks after treatment, my basil plants started exhibiting brown lesions on the leaves. The lesions would start at the top of the plant and work their way to lower leaves. I would remove the leaves but the lesions would appear on other leaves in the following days. This has begun to be an epidemic in my NFT system that is ultimately resulting in plant death.

    Pictures of the lesions are posted in the following links. What could be causing the lesions?


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