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    I use GH one part or 3 part nutrients but have never used other additives with the exception of a root enhancer. I seem to get good results. For those of you that do, do you see a lot of benefit to using supplements like bloom enhancer, flavor enhancer, etc? Do you stick within a product family or do you use suppliments from another company? Thanks for your input.


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    i'm a newbie (2 months hydro ebb/flow) having good luck with earth juice only and have been using "liquid gold" (Fulvic acid) the molecular transport seems to be working - the plants look happy. I hae a question on root slime - We had a particularly hot day here in Florida and the roots on my new Great Lakes beans (1 mo. old) turned to slime in only 2 days. I dipped in 3% hydro-peroxide and washed down - seemed to help-but now they're brown (dying?) with white freh roots coming out of the hydroton. Is this an airation problem or temp or both? Thanks to all?

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    Thanks for reply. It’s an informative and I am also eager to get solution related to query, because I am also facing such same problem.

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