I'm totally new to hydrophonic gardening and considering it as I'm looking for a tiny house (I've got a limited budget). I'm just starting to see that getting an adequate gardening space with a low-cost house is quite a challenge. I'm also not comfortable with the potential of car exhaust contaminating gardens that are too close to traffic.

So, I have found a tiny house (literally, it's less than 500 square feet and no basement.) There probably won't be enough room inside to set up a hydrophonic garden then. I was hoping for a basement to do that, but may not get one. There is a garden shed and a little courtyard for a yard, however. The yard seems to be pretty shady, so I'm not sure that a green house would be an effective way to grow vegetables, even in the summer.

My question is, has anyone tried setting up a garden in a shed? If so, what is the best approach to keep it warm enough without breaking the bank in the winter? And to is it necessary to regulate the temperature in summer as well for that matter. It will be helpful to know if this will be possible as I look at the house. I think the house will fit me well for other things if I can figure out how to get storage space and to meet my gardening needs/desires. Most of my diet consists of vegetables and it would really help my budget and health if I could get a sustainable set-up going.

Thank you for any insight with this matter!