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Thread: Powdery Mildew control with Sulpher

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    Default Powdery Mildew control with Sulpher

    So I just happen to be plagued with problems on this grow cycle ... arg!

    Recently, I noticed I have powdery mildew forming on my plants. I do not monitor my humidity, but assume this is the problem since air circulation is adequate. I make this assumption b/c the wet weather has arrived and my windows are fogging up. So I finally got around to measuring the humidity and it is definitely high (60-70%). Time to get a dehumidifier!

    Anyway, my question is this ...

    I plan to treat the mildew with sulfur vapor. My plants are now approaching week 4 of bloom. Will using sulfur affect my flowers in a negative manner, and if so, are there other alternative control measures? If sulfur burning is my best approach, do I need to spray the plants down with water after the treatment to avoid nasty sulfur smelling/tasting flowers?

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    Default mold mildew

    I hear there is a new timed hourly sprayer that does the trick, anyone know what I am talking about. I have the same problem. I am using a dehumidifier and have stopped the humidity. I still have a case of spotted grey mold though?

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    Default Sulfer Vaporizer in Flowering

    I would not recommend using a sulfer vap in the last two weeks, three to be really safe. I would not advise spraying anything on your plants once the flowers have developed, you are risking rot and/or discoloration. Also make sure at you only run it with the lights off. Since you are located in the East Bay I would recommend investing in a dehumidifier. I am supprised your humidity is not higher. The humidity in the Bay is so high out side you cannot get around it. If you are bringing in fresh air from outside that is 70% good air circulation is not going to do the job. Hopes this helps.

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    Default Powdery Mildew control with Sulpher

    My new garden has a lilac tree which is covered with Bacterial blight and powdery mildew, and the leaves have holes in them, I would dearly like to get it back to health, please be kind enough to advise me what I need to do.

    I also have 2 plum trees next to the lillac which is also suffering from the holes in the leaves.

    Many thanks indeed

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