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Thread: Non-Circulating Hydroponic Questions

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    Hi I am from Connecticut, summers are usually pretty hot. I was wondering how doing a suspended net-pot method outside would work. I am planning on growing for the farmers market using all organic liquid fertilizers and pesticide free. I attend the University of Hawaii-Hilo and we do the suspended net-pot method covered by a greenhouse with just lettuce and the results are amazing. Would it work the same way here in Connecticut? I plan on growing cilantro, lavender, parsley, tomatos, cucumbers, arugula, and some other herbs and vegetables. Will these types of plants grow well in a non-circulating net-pot method, and how do I keep the nutrient solution under 75 degrees F in the summer? This is all just a start to my future business, all advice and tips are needed! If you know of any other methods that are productive and simple let me know I have to produce for the farmers market and this is my first year with all this stuff, majoring in horticulture so I am starting to find my nitch! Once again any tips, advice, or whatever else would be appreciated thanks again! (ALSO the type of my nutrients I will be using is Go-BIOTHRIVE Grow and Go-BIOTHRIVE Bloom) Never had to use the bloom before all advice is appreciated!
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