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Thread: Unknown Tomato Problem

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    This year I decided to try growing a tomato plant in in a DWC hydroponic bucket setup and am having an issue I've never seen before. I've grown tomatos in soil on our property for many years and have never really had any issues with disease before, lucky I guess. The plant was purchased at a nursery in one of those 4-6" square pots in potting soil and then left outside for a wk. before I had my DWC system ready to go. When it was brought in one of the leaves had a small bit of brown on the tip which I attributed to maybe some lite frosting and thought nothing of it. After placing the plant in the DWC bucket system this brown stuff started to spread to more leaves. The plant has been growing great, faster then any tomato I've planted in dirt but this stuff seems to be taking over the plant and I have no idea what it is. I've looked online and the pictures of the more common diseases don't match anything I've seen. I thought it was septoria leaf spot or some kind of blight but it don't look quite the same to me at least. I could be wrong though. If anyone has any idea it would be much appreciated. I would hate to lose my first hydroponic tomato. Thanks!
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    it looks like calcium defficiency or plant rust .hope this helps you out. good luck

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    Thanks for reply bluedubbing . I totally agree with you and its seems like calcium deficiency or it will be plant rust.

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    Have a look at your pest control, if need be increase the dosage.

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