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Thread: i dont know whats going on. help!!!_!_!_

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    Angry i dont know whats going on. help!!!_!_!_

    This is my first grow. I had tomatoes and peppers. Had to throw the tomatoe but the same problem is tapping to the peppers. Soon as they start blooming the bottom leaves curl up and fall off. Slowly working its way up. My ph is on. Some parts are blooming others arent. My other pepper plant has buds and looks like it wants too bloom but isn't opening up. This is my first time. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    flush out your dirt or hydro system then ph your water keep your ppm down to 800ppm and dont putt your lights to close
    dont go in thare in the night time .see if that helps good luck

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    I think you need grow light which is most suitable for your plant growth. it can emit blue and red colour light,like sun light

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