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Thread: crazy eco idea?

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    Default crazy eco idea?

    Well, to be honest, I don't know much about the nutes, and hydrogrowing as well as normal growing is new to me. The nutes I have are really high in concentration,
    And I remember my granny who growed her own food, she used to throw the left overs from her food into the compost near her growing-space, and she gave it to the worms and what not..
    So, has anyone tried, to throw eggshells, vegetable and other food leftovers into the tank - instead of nutes?
    Did it work? I guess the thing will stink but if it could be efficiently dissolved and quickly absorbed?
    Would be nice to be able to recycle my food for my plants.
    thoughts, suggestions?

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    Hi “Rudra”, its great your granny had never use nutrients. I can’t able to help you because I am a nutrients user. But I am excited to know about eggshells, vegetable and other food leftover can be used in growing.

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