Hi all.. Im jon.. Im posting here because i have a few questions b4 i start sinking money. First off... Im a great horticulturalist If just never did hydo b4

me and my wife are considering starting a business of hydroponic organics and Im going to start off small first at home to get this rolling

My real question and really my only question is what type of system should i build? and should i build it or should i just buy it?

Im really leaning towards a NFT system... seems to be the most logical to me... But I just wanted to run this by someone whos been doing it b4...

Im a mechanic fabricator so building my own wont be a problem.. But really what it comes down to is.. is it worth it pound for pound?

Im a salt water reef keep... (little off subject but) i have most of the equipment already..
I also have a 400w switchable ballast system from sungrow systems... that ill be useing for now until it works out and i switch to LED... when the it comes for a business loan ill be going all LED

So is there one particular system that you think is best? or that fails the least?

thanks again