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Thread: nuts to soon?(aero)

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    Default nuts to soon?(aero)

    so i need some advise on if i given these plants nuts to soon (spinach,kale,beans)

    pH: 6.1
    ppm of nutes: 80
    ratio: 5,9,4
    Light cycle : 12hr(on)/12hr(off)
    so i know that the ratio of nutes for this specific type of plants are incorrect. But im waiting on some different nutes so i can mix up a 2,1,1 ratio to favor the greens (spinach,kale). Is it possible that the Incorrect ratio at such a early stage would cause the roots to start to burn up like this, or is it just to early. For the first 2.5 weeks i ran 0ppm water with pH:6.0 an my roots were looking nice and fussy and white . Then i add a little bit of nutes and they turn brown and loose almost all there fussiness
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