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Thread: Growing wheatgrass hydroponically but letter the roots stay immersed in water?

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    Default Growing wheatgrass hydroponically but letting the roots stay immersed in water?

    I am going to take the hydroponic plunge next weekend and begin growing wheatgrass in water. I plan to soak the seeds first in a container and then place them, one layer deep, in a rectangular plastic dish that has fine slots in the bottom of it - the slots are just small enough so that the wheatberries cannot fall through. This rectangular plastic dish will be placed in a plastic box, with a space to keep about half an inch of space between the slotted box and the unslotted plastic box. I would like to fill the plastic box with water up to the bottom of the slotted box, so that the roots are constantly immersed but that the blades are not. I am hoping that this will help avoid problems with mold on the blades. Is it OK if the roots are always submersed in water? I am trying to grow the wheatgrass without any growing medium with the hopes that it will simplify the process and make it a little bit cheaper.
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