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Thread: Your Meter Opinions greatly appreciated

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    Question Your Meter Opinions greatly appreciated

    I'm a newbie to hydroponics and am looking at buying PH and TDS/EC meter. I notice that there are a few TDS/EC meters (Truncheon, EC Dipstick) that do not need calibrating with solutions, storage solutions, etc.

    Is anyone using any of these and are they OK or should I be looking into something like a Hanna?

    Also, are the combo meters OK or is it best to stay with separate PH, TDS.

    Any brand suggestions would also be appreciated. I have five separate tanks so a portable would be needed.

    Thanks in advance for helping out!

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    I use a Hanna Combo meter to measure ppm and pH. I have had good success with these meters, however, they do require infrequent calibration (which is not difficult) to maintain maximum accuracy. The main drawback is that you have to spend a little more money to get the appropriate calibration and storage solution. These meters, in my opinion, are great meters; they are water proof, easy to use, accurate, and very portable.

    I have also used Oakaton meters also and they work well too.

    I would suggest a multi parameter meter either way. Monitoring pH is important, but so is your total dissolved solids.

    Good luck!

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    David H.
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    Default hanna combo meter

    i just purchased a hanna combo HI98129.I'm a little technicly retarted i guess cause i cant figure this thing out.when i turn it on it always has the (cal)on down in the left corner.should it be on or off after calibration?also i cant get it to read the temp in(f).i think they could have put a few more direct buttons on these things for the money.i stuck with it now though so i need to learn how to use it. any help would be great!!

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    We actually wrote our own instructions for our customers, as the Hanna instructions can be difficult to follow. Here is some information that should help:

    Navigate to the following page:

    You'll notice several PDF attachments on this page; click on the one titled: View TDS/EC Calibration Instructions.

    On page 2, under "Changing the Calibration Factor for Hanna Meters (HI98311 and HI98129)" you will find instructions on how to change from C to F.

    Don't worry about the cal always showing up; this is normal.

    Hope this helps.
    David G.
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