this is my situation all my plants seem to die 1 week after i see the first flower. im running a dwc setup the first set were transplants, basil, thyme, sage, and mint. they all seemed to bloom at the same time except the mint, it was 3 day later. and sure enough they died 1 week later. second batch of plants were also transplants tomatoes and serrano peppers. this time the tomato never made flowers, it had little bulbs (smaller than pencil lead from a .2mm mechanical pencil) that would fall off in 2 days. the pepper made flowers then fruit but the fruit didn't last they would shrivel up and fall off. i noticed a rotten egg smell coming from the reservoir and came to the conclusion that i had root rot. i separate the plants and treat with H2O2(1:4) they sat in water with no nutrients and the plants recover some what the tomato never perked up but never died until i started the feeding again. i wasn't sure how strong to start so i started at 1/4 strength. i managed to keep the pepper alive long enough to bear fruit( 2 peppers about 1/4 inch long) peppers fall off and plant dies. now for the last batch growing squash(butternut) these were started from seed, same as everything else except now i'm paranoid so i clean and disinfect everything including me everytime i interact with the plants. the squash was put in the system on 6/21 and died last night. thanks in advance and if this has already been asked my apologies please direct me to the thread