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Thread: Help with first hydroponic build

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    Default Help with first hydroponic build

    I am new to hydroponics. I was given an aerogarden and started growing herbs. I could not believe how fast and healthy the herbs are. I started reading about hydroponics. I decided I wanted to try and build an easy hydroponic set up. I saw some videos of a very simple set up where you cut holes in a tub with a lid and use an air pump. I have a pretty good idea how to make this.
    I need some help with lighting. I want to keep it simple and inexpensive to start. I was thinking of using the utility clip on lights from Home Depot. What kind of bulb should I buy? Do I need more than one of these lights above 1 tub? I am looking to grow cherry tomatoes, lettuce and maybe another easy to grow vegetable. If anyone has another suggestion for a simple light please let me know. My husband is very handy and will help me build anything I need.

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    Have a good look at what is available, there are some good kits available, see what best suits your needs

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    I am a local expert in hydroponic growing and when I see young people willing to try it I feel very encouraged. It is the most economical method to grow plants at home, in a flat or in a covered enclosure. Like you rightly mentioned they can also be grown in cut pet bottles or big tubs. The lighting and the number of bulbs depends on how big a project you want to undertake. There are many easy to assemble kits available in the home depots nowadays. I must mention that when you go shopping be sure to buy a TDS and PH meter to check the temperature of the water.

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