I have a DWC system. I started 15 lettuce and basil seeds in prepared rockwool cubes under a humidity dome on a heat mat. Once the seeds sprouted and reached 1", I placed them in 3" net cups with a single layer of prepared hydrocorn in the bottom, placed the rw cubes on top and filled around the sides with hydrocorn. I have a 4 tube T5 lights on for 18 hrs and off for 6. the pH is 6 and TDS is 800ppm. The water in the DWC is just touching the bottom of the net cup and is at 68F deg.

In 2 weeks the lettuce has not done much...maybe a 1/2" taller and a little fuller and the basil has not done a thing. no noticeable roots can be seen on either.

Is this how it should be or should there be more growth by now?

cheers, Richard