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Thread: First Hydroponic build, can't find instructions for a small scale.

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    Default First Hydroponic build, can't find instructions for a small scale.

    Hello everybody!

    I am new to hydroponics, as in I've only ever heard and read about it, never done it. I am a low income college student living somewhere with no property to grow my own food, which is something I feel passionate about. I plan to start a very small scale hydroponics system in my apartment, where I can grow 5 or 6 herbs in pots.

    I have a very specific vision for this, I'd love to keep fish and use the fish waste water for the plants. I have a glass 5 gallon fish tank and that's all I have for supplies so far.

    I was hoping that somebody here could help me out by providing me with a list of things I will need to turn a 5 gallon fish tank into a hydroponics system, and maybe a brief overview of how to set it up. The advice is so greatly appreciated, and I'll be sure to post up a million pictures when it is done.

    Thanks for reading and replying!


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    First of all, I am highly fascinated to see your tomato and cucumber plants with perfectly healthy roots. I have recently carried out research on why plant roots require oxygen and how growers can safely air pump their plants. From what I’ve learnt, it’s both safe and cost-effective to use air stones in order to introduce oxygen into your nutrient solution.

    The biggest advantage with an air stone is that its tube can alone bubble enough air into your nutrient solution. Also, oxygenation carried out with help of an air stone system is way more effective in forming multiple air bubbles compared to other methods that produce slow streams of bigger bubbles!

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